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Posted on April 25, 2012 - 9:19am

Fashion Styling Inspiration Board - "Foundation of Romance"

by Kelsey Eads,  Sugarcomb Event Design
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Coral red, purple, green spectrum, beige (gold), gray (pencil graphite)
"Foundation of Romance"

Bold florals used in a very delicate and washed way. I imagine the wedding taking place near a coastline where
there is water in the air and it's always breezy. Colors look like they started out bold but have been washed. They
want their guests to see her textural and romantic thinking and his structural thinking.
The bride is a modern romantic. Loves her career as a fashion blogger. Enjoys the outdoors, but wanted an
indoor wedding where she can bring in all of her favorite elements. She's very focused on textures and colors.
The groom is an architect, very design and structurally oriented. He wants to see some of his ideas in the
wedding design. He's very focused on how things are laid out and built.
Bride - Natural blended with high-fashion vibe. Drama and organic simplicity together. Romantic layers, textures...
Bridesmaids - Either matching styles or similar colors, dresses do not need to be the same, but can be. Flow-y or textural. Avoid beige / tan / nude tones that are not metallic or they might match the table linens.
Groom and Groomsmen - Gray, charcoal or black suits. Very structured, fitted and detailed.Tie/bow-tie/pocket square options please...
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