Join Don Giannatti (WizWow) in the creativeLIVE studio audience!

Posted on May 23, 2012 - 11:33am




Don Giannatti returns to creativeLIVE with a four day event on Tabletop Product Photography. On June 21st Don kicks things off with a half-day introduction to tabletop lighting with tools like scrims and some DIY gear, as well as how to organize your shoot around a tabletop to bring everyone up to speed. Then on June 22nd Don leads a 3-day workshop, starting with the basic concepts of Product and Still Life photography and ramping up to more advanced topics, adding extras such as kicker lights, snoots, and grids that can bring your work up a notch.

You can be in the LIVE studio audience for this in-depth event geared toward taking your business to the next level. 

If you would like to be a part of the LIVE Seattle studio audience, now is your chance!


Here is what you need to do*:

1. Make a 60-ish second video explaining why YOU want to come to the Tabletop Product Photography with Don Giannatti workshop.

2. Post the video on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or your blog.

3. Tweet the link to the video to @creativeLIVE including the hashtag #WizwowLIVE. 

4. Make sure you're following @creativeLIVE & @wizwow on Twitter! 

The deadline to submit your video is 11:59PM PDT (GMT-7) on Monday, May 28th June 4, 2012. Selected audience members will be contacted via Twitter. 


Remember everyone is invited to participate online from anywhere in the world with a good internet connection. You can watch from your home, your iPad or even your smartphone. Be sure to enroll in the Tabletop Product Photography workshop to receive updates on how and when to tune in, including re-watch announcements.


Irene Leibler: "creativelive #wizwow Hey Don, here's my video… thrown together this morning!" WATCH VIDEO on Flickr

Barbara Tozier: "creativeLIVE @wizwow ‪#WizWowLIVE‬ Pick me!" WATCH VIDEO on Flickr

Keith Knasiak: "creativeLIVE #wizwowlive‬ it was recommended that i try this one more time" WATCH VIDEO on Flickr

Lori Patrick: "creativeLIVE ‪#WizWowLIVE‬ More WizWow Please:" WATCH VIDEO on YouTube

Charles Howard: "wizwow creativeLIVE ‪#wizwowLIVE Why I want to go to wizwow's creativeLIVE workshop" WATCH VIDEO on YouTube

Paola Thomas: "creativeLIVE ‪#wizwowLIVE‬ Here you go... hugely embarrassing" WATCH VIDEO on YouTube


*For the photographers who are selected:

- The creativeLIVE Tabletop Product Photography with Don Giannatti course is free to attend.

- You are responsible for your own travel expenses to the creativeLIVE studio in Seattle, WA. 

- You will be on camera, so only submit a video if you want to have your mug broadcasted to thousands of photographers around the workd. 

- Good Luck!


We will see you online!