Join Zach & Jody Gray in Seattle - Call for Video Submissions!

Posted on December 6, 2011 - 6:00am

I first met Zach & Jody Gray last summer as they kicked off the PASS tour in Seattle with David Jay and Promise Tangeman. Zach and Jody gave a talk on branding and marketing and I fell in love with their genuine charisma. It's rare to find a couple who are not just partner photographers, but also partner educators. After the PASS event Craig Swanson, Susan Roderick and I walked away smiling at each other saying, YES - we have to get Zach and Jody on creativeLIVE! Well, I'm happy to announce that the time has come!

creativeLIVE's Wedding Photography Weekend with Zach and Jody is coming January 27-29, 2012! Mark your calendars NOW and register for the FREE online workshop. As always on creativeLIVE, during the live event you can participate from your living room by watching our live feed online. You'll be part of a global classroom with photographers watching and asking Zach & Jody questions from every continent. If you want to own the 3-day workshop to replay over and over, the HD videos are available for purchase and download. 

It gets better! Zach and Jody are inviting YOU to submit a video for the opportunity to join them in Seattle* for this jam-packed weekend. Grab your iPhone, webcam or DSLR and tell them why you'd love to join them in person during their creativeLIVE event:

1. Record a video (60'ish seconds) saying why you want to join Zach and Jody in Seattle.
2. Post that video to your Blog, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Etc.
3. Tweet the video's URL to @creativeLIVE and include #ZachJodyLIVE

Video Submission Deadline: Monday, January 2, 2012

Need inspiration to put yourself out there with a video? Our in-person alumni share stories about how participating in a creativeLIVE workshop in Seattle has changed their businesses and their lives on the creativeLIVE blog! Just do it!

Audience Video Submissions:

Matt Kennedy: " I am so stoked for Zach + Jody to be on creativeLIVE woohoo!" WATCH VIDEO on YouTube

Raven Mathis: "Raven's little plea for a spot at the creativeLIVE with Zach and Jody in January." WATCH VIDEO on YouTube

Lacy Lange: " My hubby is gonna flip when he see's this, HAHA!" WATCH VIDEO on YouTube

Katie Zumpano: "Check this video out Zach and Jody." WATCH VIDEO on YouTube

Rebecca Siewert: "Hey creativeLIVE I have a video for the Gray Photography Workshop! I would love to come!" WATCH on VIMEO

Kris Dela Pena: "Zach and Jody, really looking forward to see you guys! :D here's my entry. :D" WATCH VIDEO on YouTube

IlaineJ: "Zack and Jody really looking forward to see you guys! :D here's my entry. :D" WATCH on YouTube

Alvarado Studio: "Video Entry to the Creative Live in January with Zach and Jody" WATCH VIDEO on The Blog

Cecilia Flaming: "Here it is! My entry video to join Zach & Jody at creativeLIVE in January! Please pick me! :) " WATCH on YouTube

Melanie Kay: "Crossing our fingers that Zach and Jody pick @jenbruss & me for their creativeLIVE workshop next month!" WATCH VIDEO on VIMEO

Jennifer Bruss: "Hoping that Zach and Jody pick @melaniekayphoto & me for their creativeLIVE workshop next month!" WATCH VIDEO on VIMEO

Feuza: "My video submission for creativelive with Zach and Jody." WATCH VIDEO on VIMEO

Lindsay Kaye: " Here's my submission!! Crossing my fingers!" WATCH VIDEO on VIMEO

Nancy Mitchell: "Zach and Jody, watch my creativeLIVE video submission:" WATCH VIDEO on VIMEO

Samantha Meyer: "Here it is!!! My entry for the Zach and Jody Gray CreativeLIVE workshop!" WATCH VIDEO on YouTube

Rebecca Q Pierce: "Jan 27 is my 30th birthday, PLEASE give me creativelive with Zach and Jody as my present!!!!" WATCH on YouTube

Juanita Cannan: "Here goes nothing creativeLIVE. My not very creative or hi-tech submission for Zach and Jody weekend." WATCH VIDEO on YouTube

Janell Wood: "Crossing my fingers I do it right this time!" WATCH on YouTube

Juanita Cannan: "My video submission for Zach and Jody at creativeLIVE -- one of my favorite photographers :)" WATCH VIDEO on VIMEO

Courtney Ellis: "So excited to throw my name in the hat for creativeLIVE with Zach and Jody!" WATCH on VIMEO

Marti Sears: "My video submission!" WATCH VIDEO on VIMEO

Jon Yoder: "Dear Zach and Jody, here's my entry for creativeLIVE - hope you like it more than I do. ;-)" WATCH Video on Jon's Blog

Justin Novak: "Something different LOL" WATCH on YouTube

Margo Stewart: "Coolest kids ever! My Video Submission For the CreativeLIVE Wedding Weekend With Zach And Jody Gray." WATCH on YouTube

Bimal Nair: "My entry for Zach and Jody's creativeLIVE class." WATCH on YouTube

Karen Renee: "an epic video for an epic event... (okay, the video might not be epic.. but maybe funny?)" WATCH on YouTube

Melissa Montgomery: "Submitting for the creativeLIVE workshop with Zachand Jody, would be so honored to get selected!" WATCH on VIMEO

Sabrina Fields: "Here's my video for Zach & Jody @creativeLIVE in a few weeks! Woohoo!" WATCH on YouTube

Sabrina Fields: "Annnnd.... here are some outtakes... ha! I'm still laughing..." WATCH on YouTube

Nicki McQuillen: "Zachand Jody Hoping to join everyone in studio." WATCH on YouTube

Teeter Photography: "Video submission for Zach & Jody at creativeLIVE. Thanks!" WATCH on YouTube

Jesse Villanueva: "My video submission for Zach and Jody on creativeLIVE. Pick me! Pick me!!!" WATCH on YouTube

Valentina Glidden: "Dying with excitement as I finally post this video! I SO want to join Zach and Jody at creativeLIVE!" WATCH VIDEO on Her Blog

Conner Photography: "Posting our video to Zach and Jody and the creativeLIVE folk so that they will pick one or both of us." WATCH on YouTube

Pat Ash: "Okay creativeLIVE, Here is my last minute video submission for the Zach and Jody workshop. I hope I make the cut." WATCH on VIMEO

VonGrey Photography: " Eeek! I did it. It's not fancy but it's from the heart. Sunny joined me to!. :)" WATCH on YouTube

Malia Johnson: " Hey creativeLIVE here's my video submission to attend Zach and Jody in Seattle!" WATCH on YouTube

Wes Brown: "creativeLIVE, Zach and Jody. Here goes nothing." WATCH on YouTube

Caron Cooper: "Watch my creativeLIVE video submission for the Zach and Jody weekend on YouTube or my blog...if you dare!" WATCH on YouTube

Fizzah Raza: "My video submission for Zach & Jody." WATCH on YouTube

Fizzah Raza: "The blog behind the video submission:" READ on the BLOG

Vicki Adams: "Check out my video for creativeLIVE Zach and Jody. I hope that you select me! Thanks, Vicki" WATCH on YouTube

Darryl D. Smith: " Plea for @RHEmarkable and I to head to Seattle to be on creativeLIVE with Zach and Jody!" WATCH SHORT VERSION on YouTube or WATCH LONG VERSION on YouTube

Brooke Summer: "How about you just pick me and we can skip the whole watching thing? *YIKES!* ;)" WATCH and READ on Brooke's Blog

Romonia Isaac: "I know that I am cutting it close! But I wanted to submit!" WATCH on YouTube

photofly24: "Zach and Jody, I had to learned how to tweet for this! 2012 has already been productive and fun!" WATCH on YouTube

Courtney Clarke: "In the nick of time!!! My video submission for creativeLIVE's workshop with Zach and Jody!" WATCH on VIMEO

Lockie Photography: "creativeLIVE here is our last minute submission for the Zach and Jody workshop in Seattle." WATCH on FACEBOOK

I look forward to watching your videos and seeing who Zach and Jody will ask to join them for a weekend of a lifetime!

~Kenna Klosterman



*For the lucky photographers who are selected:
- The creativeLIVE workshop is free to attend
- You are responsible for travel to the studio in Seattle, WA, lodging and accommodations
- You will be on camera, so only submit a video if you want to have your mug broadcasted to thousands of photographers around the world : )