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Synthesis and Sound Design 101

with James Patrick

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Class duration: 2h 47m

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About The Class

Experience the gamut of professional sound design techniques from analog synthesis to advanced sampling and digital signal processing.

This course is SLAM Academy's introductory offer for people who want their music to stand on its own. In Sound Design 101, we'll uncover each of the main elements of what it takes to be a cutting-edge electronic sound designer. After an explanation of analog synthesis, we'll feature demonstrations of techniques and tools for FM, granular, wavetable, physical modeling, multi-sampling, and signal processing. Students can expect personalized technique demonstrations from Ableton Live, Max for Live, U-He Instruments, Applied Acoustics Systems, Glitchmachines, Native Instruments Systems, and Eurorack Modular Synthesizer components.  

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Intro to Synthesis and the Nature of Sound

  2. 02

    Subtractive Synthesis with the Ableton Analog

  3. 03

    FM Synthesis with Native Instrument's FM8 and the Ableton Operator

  4. 04

    Wavetable Synthesis with Native Instruments Massive

  5. 05

    Custom Wavetable Designs with U-He Zebra2

  6. 06

    Physical Modeling with Live's A.A.S. Devices

  7. 07

    The Dimensions of Audio Signal Processing

  8. 08

    Series and Parallel Processing with Effect Racks

  9. 09

    Professional Resampling Workflows


Meet Your Expert

James Patrick

James Patrick is a 15+ year DJ, producer, curator, and educator. He is a producer and sound artist who thrives on bringing together the creative energy and ideas of his community. Through collaboration and experimentation, he creates immersive environments that explore the evolving definitions of sound art. His record labels (Timefog Recordings) and events are both supported by some of the greatest names in electronic music, and his personal recordings continue to make waves in the international electronic music circuit. Through his professional involvement in both academic and popular electronic realms, James curates and develops internationally recognized festivals and events in the electronic music and arts. James is the owner of a successful art gallery (Gamut Gallery) and electronic music school (Slam Academy) in Minneapolis in Minneapolis, platforms that he uses to foster and showcase new ideas and talents in the field of technology arts. James is also the recipient of many awards, including the American Composer’s Forum MECA award. ... read more

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  • user-6180b9

    April 2018

    This is a great, fast-paced introduction to producing sound using various popular software choices. James Patrick is super knowledgeable and presents the material in a patient (but fast), systematic way. This course is meant to be a high-level preview of a full-blown 6-month course at Slam Academy (taken online or in Minneapolis) so the pace of the material presented here is quite fast. In other words the tone is to show you what you'll learn if you take the full course. James suggests taking this course over 3 weeks to let things sink in. A dedicated student can follow along and review the material and then practice on their own software although it takes some focus! And while much of the course is incredibly well explained, there are also some sections where James works the controls without much narrative but making cool sounds. I ended up hitting pause every 30 seconds or so during some of the key sections so I could watch what he was doing and play around with the same controls. Ultimately the way to learn the software is by getting hands-on, so when I followed along this way, I learned a ton. Great course, be aware that it is a super high level survey of a longer course but this is still absolutely packed with information

  • Creativelive Student

    October 2016

    love this course, and i like it for my liking.

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