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Making & Using Drum Samples

with Sam Pura

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  •   03 FreePreview: Drum Rooms and Tuning a Snare


Class duration: 5h 21m

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About The Class

master the art of integrating drums samples.

Drum samples are a staple in modern music recording. Drummers can’t deliver a pitch perfect performance every time – drum samples free you up to make small mistakes that you correct for in the recording studios. Learn how to use them.

In Making and Using Drum Samples with Sam Pura you’ll learn all about recording, editing, and placing drum samples in a mix. Sam will help you identify weak spots in a performance and show you how a sample can reinforce your tones, add depth to a recording and fill in the gaps. You’ll learn how to record samples from a drum kit, edit them, and then place them in your mix using Beat Detective and Slate Trigger. You’ll master the art of integrating drums samples that sound authentic and natural, not copy and pasted.

If you are ready to get solid drum tracks that cut through the mix, this course is for you.

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    12 Pre-Show

  2. 02

    Introduction and Overview

  3. 03

    FreePreview: Drum Rooms and Tuning a Snare

    The room you record in makes all the difference. Find out what you need to get the best sound.

  4. 04

    Microphones, Preamps, and Signal Flow

  5. 05

    The Art of Recording Drum Samples

  6. 06

    Drum Sound Breakdown

  7. 07

    Drum Sample Creation and Editing

  8. 08

    Selecting Samples

  9. 09

    Kick Drum Sample Prep

  10. 10

    Snare Drum Sample Prep

  11. 11

    Thanks + Credits

  12. 12

    Blending Multi Samples and Mixing Part 1

  13. 13

    Blending Multi Samples and Mixing Part 2

  14. 14

    Printing Kick and Snare Drums with Q&A

  15. 15

    12 Wrap-Up


Meet Your Expert

Sam Pura

Sam Pura is the founder and owner of The Panda Studios in Fremont, California. A producer, engineer, and mixer, he’s worked with bands like The Story So Far, Title Fight, Balance & Composure, Basement, State Champs, and labels including Pure ... read more

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  • pdf Sam Pura - Kick
  • pdf Sam Pura - Snare

100% of students recommend this class.
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  • Creativelive Student

    October 2014

    This is actually money well spent! A good deal of knowledge to be learned. Much better than the Eyal Levi class, that I spent nearly 8 times the cash on!

  • Geo

    October 2016

    Crazy useful knowledge on Making & Using Drum Samples. Sam is the man, and throws in tons of tips and tricks along the way on building gobos and room treatment and other random production ideas, this class is definitely worth it!!

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