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Guitarist's Tech Workshop

with Kurt Bloch and Ben Verellen

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  •   01 Basic Components of the Electric Guitar

  •   03 Proper Stringing Techniques


Class duration: 5h 30m

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About The Class

let two masters show how to take care of your gear.

Performing a proper setup for your guitar can seem like a dark art requiring a copper chalice filled with incense. Reading a schematic of a tube amplifier can seem like you’re staring at ancient Sanskrit. Guitar and tube amp masters Kurt Bloch and Ben Verellen are here to help.

In this two-part workshop, Kurt and Ben will show you exactly how to get the best sound out of your gear.

In part-one Kurt will teach the basics of setting up your guitar – you’ll learn about:

  • Truss rod adjustment
  • Bridge and nut adjustment
  • String gauge and playing style
  • Guitar maintenance and upkeep
  • Guitar electronics and pickups

Part-two is your primer on tube amplifiers. Kurt and Ben will explain how they work and show you how to keep them sounding great. You’ll learn:

  • Tube biasing
  • Block diagrams and understanding schematics
  • Basic amplifier maintenance
  • Capacitor, resistor, and transformer replacement
  • Speaker repair and power-matching

Kurt Bloch is not only Gibson Guitar’s in-house guitar guru, he’s a legend in the Seattle music scene. He plays in The Fastbacks and Young Fresh Fellows and has a producer credits for his work with The Presidents of the United States of America and Tokyo Dragons. Ben Verellen started Verellen Amplifiers in 2000 and now has a full-time staff churning out hand made custom tube amplifiers for some of the most respected artists in rock and metal. He also fronts Helms Alee, a rock band based in Seattle.

Don’t get caught with crappy tone and blown out speaker – let these two masters show how to take care of your gear and get the best possible sound.

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Basic Components of the Electric Guitar

  2. 02

    Problem Areas of Maintenance

  3. 03

    Proper Stringing Techniques

  4. 04

    Proper Standard Rock Setup

  5. 05

    Action and Tuning Adjustments

  6. 06

    Proper Drop Tuning Setup

  7. 07

    Electronic Maintenance

  8. 08

    Electricity Basics

  9. 09

    Reading a Schematic

  10. 10

    Using a Multimeter

  11. 11

    Power Matching Speakers and Amps

  12. 12

    Adjusting and Understanding Tube Bias

  13. 13

    Building Blocks of an Amplifier

  14. 14

    Preamplifier Circuit Design

  15. 15

    Power Amplifier Circuit Design

  16. 16

    The Phase Inverter

  17. 17

    The Power Supply

  18. 18

    Final Q&A


Meet Your Experts

Kurt Bloch

As the founder and leader of the Fastbacks, Kurt Bloch's place among the great garage rock pantheon is secure, but his credits as a producer have taken him to the next level in the underground (though he's not quite to ... read more

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Ben Verellen

Ben Verellen is the founder and chief amp-designer of Verellen Amplifiers in Seattle, WA as well as the guitarist for Tacoma, WA based rock band Helms Alee. After starting in the post-hardcore/noise rock scene with the band Harkonen in 1995, ... read more

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66% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Patrick Marc

    Patrick Marc

    April 2015

    This is a fantastic course. I was forever looking up Youtube videos on how to set up all of my guitars for different things, and opinion varies wildly on-line, so it's really great to have these videos detailing the entire process in clear and easy terms. The information on the amplifiers is intensely interesting too. Fantastic!

  • Andrew Synowiec

    December 2015

    I bought this course for the amplifier section and skipped straight there. It's fantastic. Right at the perfect level for me, a newbie DIY-er with a few pedals, a kit amp and an Electronics 101 course under my belt. Well done! I'll update my review if I have time to watch the guitar section.

  • Eric Weissenborn

    July 2015

    I don't think this course is nearly in-depth as it should be. It's really just an overview on how to set up a guitar but doesn't go nearly in-depth enough to truly learn how to do it yourself. I hoped I would be able to learn how to do my own set ups with this course. The whole thing just feels like it was lazily done. I feel like I wasted my money on this. You Tube videos were much more helpful.

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