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Intro to Apple Logic Pro

with Travis Kasperbauer

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  •   Trailer

  •   02 Apple Logic Pro Preferences

  •   05 Making Music with Apple Loops


Class duration: 15h 15m

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About The Class

the basics of the Apple Logic Pro workspace.

There’s a reason Apple® Logic® Pro is the go-to recording tool for the music industry’s most-respected bands. It’s a powerful, easy to use program for creating professional-quality music on your Mac from scratch. Join world-class producer Travis Kasperbauer for the world’s first free live exploration of everything Apple Logic Pro has to offer.

This workshop will teach you everything you need to know about recording awesome music in Apple Logic Pro. You’ll explore the basics of the workspace and learn tips and shortcuts for navigating the interface. Travis will also teach you how to record with microphones and instruments, use MIDI, arrange and edit music, and mix multitrack projects. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to record a full song with vocals, guitars, and drums.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, this course will give you an Apple Logic Pro playbook for unlocking your full potential as a producer and artist.

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01


  2. 02

    Apple Logic Pro Preferences

  3. 03

    Interface and Customizations Part 1

  4. 04

    Interface and Customizations Part 2

  5. 05

    Making Music with Apple Loops

  6. 06

    Building a Track Part 1

  7. 07

    Building a Track Part 2

  8. 08

    Building a Track Part 3

  9. 09

    Virtual Instruments Tour

  10. 10

    Basic MIDI Recording and Editing

  11. 11

    Basic Midi Editing Part 1

  12. 12

    Basic Midi Editing Part 2

  13. 13

    Quantize and Virtual Instruments

  14. 14

    Programming Drums: Custom Drum Kits

  15. 15

    Programming Drums: Ultrabeat and Drummer

  16. 16

    Recording Digital Audio: Set Up

  17. 17

    Recording Digital Audio: Guitar Part 1

  18. 18

    Recording Digital Audio: Guitar Part 2

  19. 19

    Recording Digital Audio: Vocals Set Up

  20. 20

    Recording Digital Audio: Vocals

  21. 21

    Recording Digital Audio: Comping Vocals

  22. 22

    Editing Your Composition Part 1

  23. 23

    Editing Your Composition Part 2

  24. 24

    Flex Time and Pitch Part 1

  25. 25

    Flex Time and Pitch Part 2

  26. 26

    Mixing: Getting Ready

  27. 27

    Mixing: First Steps

  28. 28

    Mixing: EQ and Compressor

  29. 29

    Mixing: Drums and Plugins

  30. 30


  31. 31

    Exporting the Final Mix


Meet Your Expert

Travis Kasperbauer

Travis is a lifelong musician who has been working with recording artists for more than 20 years. As an award-winning freelance Producer/Mixer/Engineer, he has worked with a diverse group of artist including The Go-Go's, Talib Kweli, Eric Mcfadden, Jello Biafra, ... read more

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100% of students recommend this class.
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  • Creativelive Student

    February 2014

    Travis Kasperbauer was one of the best teachers in this discipline I have encountered. His style of teaching is easy to follow. I learned more in one day with Travis then i have learned in a year watching video online and learning on my own and from others. Travis knows what he is talking about and what he doesn't know he takes the time to figure it out and walks you through the process of finding the solution to the problem. I find this important because there no one way to do anything when being creative and sometimes understanding the process to figuring something out is just as important on the steps to do something. So many people spend so much time explaining where a button is that they spend little time in truly explaining why you are pressing the button. Travis takes the the time to explain the basic lingo other instructors use but spend little or no time explaining. After Travis explains the basic foundation of logic pro he jumps right into the important thing we all want to know, and that how to make music. I does not matter what genre you are interested in this is the course for you. I watched the course live and after felt it was every bit worth it to own it! Take this course it is worth every dime. I look forward to his advance class in the future. After watching this class i feel confident that what i learned here has given me the tools for his next class but more importantly I can start experimenting and making music today! Thank you creativeLive for this course and Thank You Travis for your gift and knowledge. Thank you for making music attainable to the masses. Ronnie AKA

  • Ellen Gibson-Kennedy

    April 2018

    This is a great course. Travis is an excellent teacher, as well as an interesting and relaxed speaker. I liked the casual classroom environment, which gives the impression of being in the room as well. I learned so many great Logic Pro tips. Highly recommend and enjoyed!

  • Mark

    December 2019

    Extraordinarily well done. My long time expertise is with video production ... Avid and Final Cut Pro so I understand the learning curve in tools like Logic. But I was simply “blown away” by the quality and content in this class. I had already poured through two other video based courses and decided to try Travis’ course based on his credentials. It’s not even close: this course is superior to anything else out there. Here’s why: 1. He uses deep and creative real world examples based on his production experience. 2. He is a master of every feature of Logic Pro and then gives you precise examples of how to use those features to deliver a great production. 3. His “layered” approach to presenting the concepts makes the content “stick”. He doesn’t just turn on the fire hose of content, but brings in key features at just the right time. 4. He covers everything and showed me how to save a ton a money because of all the unique built in features. For example, because of his broad experience with 3rd party plugins and libraries, he showed how Logic meets and exceeds those other tools. 5. His style and communication ability is top notch. This is a long course ... I think this was done live over 3 days but absolutely worth my investment in time. I wish I had come here first.

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