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Superior Drummer Master Class

with Rikk Currence

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  •   01 Superior Drummer 2.0 Intro

  •   21 Adding X-Drums


Class duration: 9h 16m

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About The Class

unleash Superior Drummer’s potential.

Superior Drummer is the industry standard for pro-level virtual drums. It is used on countless albums, at nearly every studio on the planet. Yet, most users are barely scratching the surface of the software’s capabilities.

In Superior Drummer Master Class, Rikk Currence, CEO of Toontrack North America, will give you the definitive guide to Superior Drummer. He’ll help you unlock countless new workflow efficiencies and creative possibilities. 

You’ll learn about:

  • The basics of the Superior Drummer interface
  • How to use the Construct page to assemble your kit 
  • Getting the Grooves page to work with MIDI 
  • Working the Mixer page – including effects and routing 
  • Navigating the Mapping page and using Superior with e-drums

You’ll also learn the advanced features that are the real key to getting the most out of Superior. Rikk will show how to use X-drum to assemble custom kits and layer sounds to create custom drums, and how to use the Bounce page, a highly-underutilized feature in Superior that enables you to bounce out every piece of the kit as its own audio file – the ultimate solution to bleed problems!

Superior Drummer Master Class with Rikk Currence will reveal the full potential of Superior and enable you to do things you only dreamed were possible.

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Superior Drummer 2.0 Intro

  2. 02

    Toontrack Solo Mode

  3. 03

    Memory and Status

  4. 04

    Layer Limits

  5. 05

    Voice Limits

  6. 06

    Cached Mode

  7. 07

    Expansion Libraries and Kits

  8. 08

    SDX Libraries Explained

  9. 09

    Producer Presets

  10. 10

    Envelope and Pitch Settings

  11. 11

    Humanize Settings

  12. 12

    Instrument Settings

  13. 13

    Easy Mixer and Mixer Tab

  14. 14

    Mixing Presets

  15. 15

    Bleed Control

  16. 16

    Using MIDI

  17. 17

    Mapping MIDI Notes

  18. 18

    Mapping Velocity Control

  19. 19

    Mapping MIDI in a DAW

  20. 20

    Mapping MIDI Nodes

  21. 21

    Adding X-Drums

  22. 22

    Microphone Assignment

  23. 23

    Routing Superior Drummer in Pro Tools

  24. 24

    Bouncing in Superior Drummer

  25. 25

    EZ Drummer 2 and Superior Drummer Workflows

  26. 26

    Superior Drummer Q&A


Meet Your Expert

Rikk Currence

For nearly twenty years now, Rikk Currence has been a celebrated leader within in the music industry. He currently serves as both the Director of North American Operations, and President for Toontrack - one of the most popular and cutting ... read more

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100% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Shayne Sheldon

    Shayne Sheldon

    October 2015

    I am very pleased with this course. It was originally presented as a free live stream and is the first CreativeLive course that I have taken in. I am so impressed, that I have purchased it. If you are a current Toontrack Superior Drummer 2 user (or are thinking of buying SD 2) and are looking for a guided way to learning this software, this course is one of the best learning methods I have ever come across. I doesn't matter what your experience level is with Superior Drummer-- there is something here for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Though I would recommend having a working knowledge of MIDI, audio and computers. Absolute beginners to using software instruments and creating music in their computer might find the information in this course a bit overwhelming. Instructor Rikk Currence takes you thoroughly through basic to advanced concepts showing the true depth of this virtual instrument program. Rikk takes you through the program settings and options; creating custom virtual drum kits; settings for MIDI controllers and E-Drum kits; using the SD 2.0 as a stand alone virtual instrument, as well runninf it as a plug-in in a Digital Audio Workstation (D.A.W.) like Avid's Pro Tools. So much more is covered in this course, that I can't fully begin to share it all in this review. The knowledge I gained from this CreativeLive two day course has given me extra insight, increasing my functionality with Superior Drummer 2. Two thumbs up for this Master Class-- I can't recommend it enough to all Superior Drummer 2 users Thanks to Rikk Currence and CreativeLive for a superior course on Toontrack's Superior Drummer 2.

  • Ian Stephenson

    October 2015

    Great course, the tutor kept it entertaining and held our interest whilst still getting over a huge wealth of detail for all levels of user. recommended :-)

  • Creativelive Student

    January 2016

    Highly recommended. Not only is the presentation entertaining, but also very informative.. Kudos to the CreativeLive team as well as to the folks at Toontrack.

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