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Mastering Metal Songwriting

with Eyal Levi

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Class duration: 10h 23m

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About The Class

learn the most important components of metal/rock songwriting.

It’s easy for musicians to get so caught up in the latest gear, plugins, and presets, and forget that ultimately, it’s all about the music. Join Eyal Levi and special guests Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter), Todd Jones (Nails, Terror), and John Browne (Monuments) for an in-depth exploration of what it takes to craft great songs.

Eyal will share the tricks of the songwriting trade he’s learned over years of experience as a producer at Audiohammer Studios (The Black Dahlia Murder, August Burns Red, Whitechapel) and guitarist for Century Media/Roadrunner artists Daath. Throughout this two-day course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the three core components of metal/rock songwriting. You’ll learn about basic song structure and riff-writing; melodies, leads, and vocals; and fine-tuning the arrangement to take your song from good to great. Eyal will be joined by special guests -- from musicians to producers and more -- who will empower you to take your songwriting to new heights.

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Day 1 Pre-Show

  2. 02

    Course Introduction

  3. 03

    Be Self Critical

  4. 04

    Remove Creative Barriers

  5. 05

    Warming Up Your Brain

  6. 06

    Defining a Riff with Todd Jones

  7. 07

    Using Key Changes

  8. 08

    The Right Album Lineup

    Learn how to order the songs on your album to give it flow and dynamics.

  9. 09

    Inspiration with Ryan Clark

  10. 10

    The Right Hook

  11. 11

    Influences VS Stealing

  12. 12

    Metal Underground Submission Critiques

  13. 13

    Busting Writer's Block

  14. 14

    Making Transitions

  15. 15

    Day 1 Wrap-Up

  16. 16

    Day 2 Pre-Show

  17. 17

    EZKEYS: Basics

  18. 18

    Refine Your Writing with Pat Lukens

  19. 19

    Demo Arrangement Notes

  20. 20

    Rhythmic Variations Exercise

  21. 21

    Chord Colors Exercise

  22. 22

    Chord Progression Exercise

  23. 23

    Theme and Variations: Intro and Chorus

  24. 24

    Theme and Variations: Bridge and Outro

  25. 25

    Song Critiques With John Browne

  26. 26

    Theme and Variations Breakdown

  27. 27

    Polyrhythms and Layering

  28. 28

    Day 2 Wrap-Up


Meet Your Expert

Eyal Levi

Eyal Levi is a critically acclaimed educator, musician and producer. After attending the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Eyal cut his teeth as the guitarist and primary songwriter in Daath, a progressive death metal band that released albums on Roadrunner and Century Media. In the studio, he has worked with such artists including The Black Dahlia Murder, Monuments, The Contortionist, Chelsea Grin, Carnifex, Demon Hunter, August Burns Red, Reflections, Motionless In White, and Firewind. An accomplished speaker and educator, he has logged hundreds of hours teaching the next generation the craft of music production.  ... read more

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100% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • user 6f3d0a

    June 2014

    Eyal and all the guests are awesome here and really provide a solid education on Songwriting and writing within the Metal genre. One thing that Eyal said that really struck a chord with me, was how Songwriting was being taught at the music school he dropped out of and how it was uninspiring. I completely and thoroughly agree. I own many, many books and videos on Songwriting and I cannot get past the first few pages because it doesn't speak to me and my needs as a Songwriter who is focused on writing Metal. I've been playing Guitar for 25 years now and this is the very first course I've seen that takes Metal songwriting seriously and as a subject worth studying. I would like to commend CreativeLive on having the guts to feature heavy music so prominently in their courses and thank them for helping us establish Metal as a more serious genre. One that is worthy of awards, praise, distinction and honor. In Metal and Strength, R. Ross Strength Keeper Songwriting/Guitars/Vocals/Arranging

  • Mike Lamb

    December 2016

    This was a massively inspirational and incredibly helpful course. By the end of it I had a notebook full of incredibly useful tips and tricks, and I definitely plan a rewatch as soon as possible. I've been in bands writing songs for the better part of 15 years, but this has put a lot of focus on some of the corners I've cut or the areas where I've been lazy with the smaller details. No matter where you are in your songwriting you'll definitely benefit from this, and Eyal articulates everything in an engaging way and positive way. Even if you think you're a good songwriter, there's a tonne here you can benefit from. 10/10 - Thanks Eyal!

  • user 053d3f

    July 2014

    This class was awesome ! Loved it from beginning to end. Learned allot, and walked away with stuff to keep learning. This is a great tool for anyone who enjoys song writing.

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