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Your one-stop resource to get your business back on track

Back To Biz is a free program designed to help your business recover and grow. It features a collection of more than 400 actionable video lessons, informative interviews, success stories, articles and tools from a diverse and renowned set of innovative entrepreneurs. The content is designed to help you expand your knowledge and skills on a wide range of topics, including hiring talent, selling online, building your brand, pivoting business models, creating new revenue streams, finding your ideal customers, managing stress and more.



Signing up for Back To Biz gives you lifetime access to online education, learning paths, and inspiration specifically curated for your small business needs.

Classes + Learning Paths

Self-select from hundreds of hours of content on the topics most important to you, or let us be your guide with learning paths made up of curated classes to get you there faster.

Articles + Inspiration

Discover new articles and inspirational stories to help you spark new ideas, and stay connected to the community.

Learn On The Go

Back To Biz is available on any device, even Roku. Get the tips, tricks and learning you need wherever business takes you.

World Class Instructors

Get step-by-step guidance from top instructors who aren’t just great at teaching, but have been there too.





Our staff has handpicked talented entrepreneurs who teach the way you love to learn.
I have taken a few business classes, but this is by far the most comprehensive, most practical course of all.


How To Make Money with Ramit Sethi

I absolutely LOVED this course and will probably watch it at least a couple more times to make sure I remember everything. Lots of fantastic content.

- Tim Wright

How To Break The Habit of Self-Doubt with Mel Robbins

The sessions are very methodical and focused, with actionable steps that help us move in the direction we WANT to move, not the direction that others say we should.

- Amy Lamp

Build A Stand-Out Business: Identify and Discover with Tara Gentile

I am beyond happy with this course and highly recommend it to everyone in business who wants more information on the various types of financing.

- Nicole Ferris

Fund Your Business for Growth with Susan Schreter


What is Back To Biz?

Back To Biz is a free program. It includes a collection of CreativeLive classes specifically curated and developed to help small business owners recover, grow, and adapt to changes after the pandemic. They are taught by experienced professionals, leading experts, and entrepreneurs.

How is Back To Biz different from the Creator Pass?

Back to Biz is a free program. To join, click the blue "SIGN UP FOR FREE" button to create a free account, and you're in!

The Creator Pass is a paid subscription unlocking more than 2000 classes on CreativeLive. You don't need a Creator Pass to join Back to Biz, but if you already have an account all you need to do is login to your account, click "SIGN UP FOR FREE" and you're all set.

How do I sign up?

Signing up for Back To Biz is simple, fast, and free. Just click the “SIGN UP FOR FREE” button at the top of this page and sign up. Then, look out for our welcome email and sign in to start learning. It’s that easy!

How is this different from other educational programs for small business owners?

Back to Biz is designed specifically to help small business owners accelerate their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Built on data and insights from a diverse set of industries, Back to Biz helps small businesses navigate the seismic shifts in customer behavior and the economy. Back to Biz features over 400 free lessons on topics such as hiring and retaining talent, how to transition and grow an online store, building brands, pivoting business models, creating new revenue strems, finding ideal customers, managing stress, and more.

What classes are included?

Back to Biz includes classes on business basics, marketing & sales, money & finance, online business, and wellness. You can explore all the classes in the program on this page.

Who is eligible to get Back To Biz?

Back To Biz is a free program available to anyone with an email address. All you get to do is sign up for the program.


The BackTo.Biz program was funded by former Starbucks ceo and chairman emeritus Howard Schultz and the Emes Project. To reach as many small businesses as possible and share additional best-in-class learning resources from top tier brands, BackTo.Biz has teamed up with a coalition of non-profit and business leaders to raise awareness of the program.