The Top 10 EDM Holiday Remixes For Your Weekend Partying

free EDM holiday remixes

For a few years in a row now, friends and family have asked me if I knew of any “good holiday” themed dance tracks for their Christmas events. The conversation generally is the same:

“I searched online and found some stuff, but its not very good.”

For some reason, each year, there is a larger and larger influx of lackluster holiday remixes out there. So I decided to help you navigate the terrain and assure you there is are a few diamonds in the rough. I’ve hand selected a list of my 10 favorite free festive EDM tracks. These will be sure to put a new spin on the traditional holiday soundtrack.

01. Jaykode – Nutcraka
A twerk take on the “The Nut Cracker.”

02. DJ Snake – Bird Machine (Jingle Bells Version)
Here is a holiday reworking of the recent Mad Decent Single “Bird Machine.”

03. DJ Deville – Little Drummer Boy
This hard hitting electro house remix features classic vocals from Bing Crosby.

04. Muzzy – Snowman Swag
Not all holiday songs have to be classics. Muzzy put a new twist on holiday music with a little bit of “Snowman Swag”

05. Terravita – Rock The Carol of The Bells
Carol of the Bell + Dubstep = win.

06. Rogue  – Goodbye (Winter Chords)
Another original composition for the holiday season with some epic dubstep flair.

07. RL Grime – Have A Merry Christmas
A tongue in cheek take on a Christmas favorite with a generous helping of trap.

08. Hellberg – Jingle Bells
A festival take on a favorite. A great tool for anyone wanting to get the crowd moving this Christmas.

09 .Televisor – We Wish You A Merry Christmas
A fun house revision with funky vibes. Sure-fire track to get your party moving.

10. Kaskade – White Christmas
A chill downtempo remix of another Bing Crosby classic.


Hope these help inspire your party. Oh, and be sure to get this free banger I made just for the CreativeLive audience.

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