10 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Designing Their Home

Wallpapered Wall + FrameEveryone has different tastes when it comes to interior design, but at the end of the day, most people want to live in a home that’s comfortable, stylish, and a true reflection of their personality. You don’t have to be a professional designer to put together an amazing (and functional) living space, but you might find yourself running into a few classic styling mistakes. Luckily, Tobi Fairley and the folks at House Beautiful have highlighted 10 common mistakes you should learn from while designing your home, and also how you can avoid them altogether!

Prioritize Style Over Comfort

Obsessed with that mid century modern sofa you found while scouring Pinterest? While its sleek lines may look amazing in your living room, it won’t necessarily be comfortable to sit on. Remember, the furniture you buy needs to be usable — especially when it comes to big-ticket items!

Spend Too Much Time on Trends

Trends come and go, but your home is (hopefully) a place you’ll live in forever. Sure, cowhide area rugs might be in vogue, but are you going to love them this time next year? Chances are they’ll be passee, so you might as well stick with a classic that stands the test of time.

Obsess About Finding the ‘Perfect’ Color

You know what’s the opposite of fun? Spending all day painting your bedroom the perfect shade of slate grey only to find out that it looks green if you stand back far enough. Good thing this mistake can easily be avoided thanks to the wonder of swatches. Grab your favorite colors, slap some on your wall, and make sure your space turns out exactly the way you had in mind!

Purchase Useless Items

You might think your living room needs a giant sectional sofa (after all, they look so good in design magazines!), but would it really work in your space? Make sure to purchase items that fit the reality of your home — not items that you think you should own but don’t make sense for your aesthetic.

Think ‘Budget’ When You Need to Think ‘Quality’

Budget stores are amazing when you need a $1 shower curtain, but buying mass produced furniture can be risky. In the end, you might end up saving more money by investing in one good quality desk chair, rather than buying the same inexpensive piece of plastic over and over again every time it breaks.


Maintaining order in your home is key, but don’t go nuts with over-organization. Sure, keep your take-out menus together and try not to let bills pile up, but if you’re at the point where you have a special drawer just for soup spoons, your organizational system might be more confusing than it is helpful.

Pass On Too Many Plants

You’ve probably noticed that terrariums and succulents are cropping up more and more on design blogs. In fact, houseplants in general are super popular! But before you spend $60 on a bamboo tree from your local over-priced nursery consider whether a) this thing will live to see next week, and b) if it really complements your space.

Go DIY Crazy

Do: get inspired by fun DIYs on Pinterest and design blogs. Don’t: decide that you are Martha Stewart’s long-lost sister and festoon your home in a sea of glitter glue. Sometimes, a store-bought pendant lamp is the way to go!

Hang Random Art Just to Fill Wall Space

A blank wall can be depressing, but don’t fall into the trap of hanging up a bunch of random pieces just to achieve that much-buzzed about “gallery” look. Instead, hang art that means something to you, goes well in your space, and tells a story.

White Wash Entire Rooms

A few white accessories here and there really lighten up a room — and look great during the spring and summer months. But investing in a white carpet, couch, or similarly large item could be a mistake if you have pets, enjoy drinking wine, and aren’t a neat freak. If you want a lighter look, consider cool colors like grey, blue, or even beige!

Source: House Beautiful

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