Capturing Shanghai: The 2 Year Time-Lapse Project

screen shot from Nafis' video
screen shot from Nafis’ video

What if we asked you to put together a two year photography project? Now ask yourself what you would do if you were restricted to one apartment for those two years.

Under those same restrictions, Joe Nafis, a Shanghai based freelance producer, cinematographer and motion designer, created one hell of a time-lapse titled From the 23rd from his apartment window. At one point in the 2000’s, Shanghai was home to more than 20% of the world’s construction cranes (yes, the world’s). Needless to say, the city has been, and continues to be, under heavy construction. Parking lots can become skyscrapers in just months; homes are knocked down, rebuilt and knocked down again to make way for apartment buildings and public transportation systems.  During this short 3:23 minute film, Nafis is able to not only tell the rhythmic story of Shanghai’s ever-changing city-scape, but give you a unique glimpse into the daily life of those living down in the hustle and bustle of the streets. Check it out:

For more information on Nafis and his work, visit his website.

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