Grab Your Headphones: 30 Days of Genius Is Now a Podcast

What do Richard Branson, Jared Leto, and Arianna Huffington have in common? Brené Brown, Tim Ferriss and Mark Cuban? Yes, they’re all world-class achievers.

But they’re also just a few of the creative and entrepreneurial legends who are a part of the 30 Days of Genius series — a free video series on CreativeLive designed to unlock YOUR inner genius. The series is simple: one video featuring insights from each of the 30 geniuses delivered in your inbox every day for 30 days.

Since launching in May, 30 Days of Genius has become the most popular and successful free video series’ we’ve ever done on CreativeLive — currently 50,000 students have signed up and more than 200 have left 5-star (100%) reviews. And today we’re excited to take another step in that series … We’re pushing this content to a PODCAST! You asked, and we’re making it happen.

You can subscribe right now on iTunes and get one episode every week.

That’s right. Starting today, this series is available on iTunes via my longstanding show The Chase Jarvis Live Podcast (more than 80 world class guests and 10 million downloads) brought to you by CreativeLive.

Beginning today, we’ll be releasing one audio podcast episode every week featuring a #30DaysOfGenius guest AND — not only that—but the podcast will continue to add brand new guests along the way. If you’ve enjoyed guests like those listed above – you’re in for a treat if you subscribe, as we’ve got more guests of this caliber coming your way.

So with the big announcement out in the open now, let’s get to this week’s episode! We’ve decided we had to launch with one of our most popular guests to date.

He’s one of the most famous and recognizable entrepreneurs on the planet. He’s brilliant, he breaks down his insights into actionable steps, and he doesn’t pull any punches. He is Mark Cuban.


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Mark sold his first company at age 29, his second one at age 39 for $5.7 Billion. He is the outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks, he owns Magnolia Pictures, and is the star of ABC’s Shark Tank.

In this episode, Mark shares some stories that are not widely known. We really get into what makes Mark tick and why he is different than a lot of other entrepreneurs. He has some controversial opinions as you might imagine, but it’s in this controversy that you’ll be able to learn how he’s winning at what he calls the ultimate sport: business.

The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show

Some Questions I Ask

How do you find the things that you’re good at? [8:40]
Should you follow your passion? [9:23]
What is hustle and grind? [12:00]
Should you hire people that are good at what you suck at? [18:00]
How Cyberdust encourages honesty, which creates better conversations [26:20]
What are your personal habits and morning routine? [34:37]
Do you bet on ideas or people? [44:03]
What would people be surprised to learn about you? [48:20]

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How to know your business is succeeding [5:20]
How Mark feels about risk [7:20]
One of the most important skill sets that someone can have [17:00]
Mark’s best advice for the Mavericks and you [19:26]
The secret to being successful is reducing stress for those around you [20:30]
Mark’s mindset towards working hard, working tired, and playing hard through the 4th quarter [40:58]
On the difference between the stresses of chasing success and being chased [50:42]
Why the best equity is sweat equity [54:39]
Doing something rather than nothing. [1:03:16]
Plus much more…

This podcast is brought to you by CreativeLive.


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