5 Best Places To Be Inspired By Color

Color toning is often elusive to many people. Rightfully so, it’s a hard concept to grasp!

You have two parts to the equation. One is the inspiration, and the second part is the technique. We have you covered on the second, with my upcoming segment on Photoshop Week. The first part doesn’t have to be scary, in fact, it’s quite fun!

Below are a few sources that you can always count on for inspiration if you’re ever in a creative rut. Color can be used to evoke a feeling and mood and based on the source of inspiration, you can easily communicate that. I have found that these are my go-to sources when it comes to finding a starting point of inspiration. On a grand scale, these can also be used for creative ideas on photoshoots as a whole!

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Creative Application of Color Through Post Processing

Why do the hard work? Old masters of art have created masterpieces using color palettes that you can lend from into your own work. With each era, comes a unique approach that can easily be implemented.


Creative Application of Color Through Post Processing
Each season provides a new opportunity to be inspired by different shades of color, that constantly change with each passing day and time of day. You can photograph nature and use swatches in Photoshop to apply them right away.


Creative Application of Color Through Post Processing
If you’ve ever needed an excuse to travel, use it to reinvigorate your search for fresh colors. The tones and textures through each country vary and can open up new ideas for color schemes. From the ambers of the Sahara, to the rich textures from the streets of Portugal, the world is endless with inspiration.


Creative Application of Color Through Post Processing
A lot of movies are expertly color graded, be inspired by the color schemes used to evoke particular moods. Movie posters, in particular, can provide a lesson in complimentary color choices.


Creative Application of Color Through Post Processing
Clothing designers will often come up with playful color schemes to produce for each season’s latest trends. Taking a look at each designer will open your eyes to an array of color combinations you wouldn’t normally consider.

All of these sources of inspiration will allow you to develop new ideas in order to apply brilliant color schemes to your own photography to evoke a particular mood!

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