5 Creative Couples Who Create Together

Creating art can often be a lonely process. As creators, we often work on personal projects in solitude or create someone else’s vision with co-workers or collaborators. But what happens when a collaborator becomes your love interest too? 

Many times, creative couples come from different backgrounds. Their creativity may be in different mediums or one perspective could tell a different story with the same medium. Regardless, there is something special about couples who create together – whether it is shared perspective or telling mutual stories. 

Finding love is hard enough. Finding love and creative partner… now that is the dream right? Here is a list of some of our favorite creative couples right now.

Afritina and Temi Coker 

Based in Dallas, Texas, both Afritina and Temi are photographers and designers. Temi, who is a former Adobe Resident, is known for bold color, shapes and design elements in his work. While Afrintina focuses on the depth of visual storytelling through her photography and set designs. Meeting through photography, they combined their love for each other and creativity to pursue work together under their business Coker Studio. As a creative couple they combine their talents to produce creative campaigns for brands, while also developing personal work speaks to their community.

Becki and Chris Nicholas

photo of Becki and Chris
photo via Becky + Chris

Like the other creative couples on this list, Becki and Chris Nicholas met through art. But for them, it was art class in high school, not in the field. Becki, who is a trained graphic designer and Chris who is a diagnostic & interventional radiologist, started creating together when they bought their first home. From there, the two launched a blog documenting their renovations. Fast forward to today, the couple ditched the blog for a Youtube channel where they create weekly videos for the 300K+ subscribers.

Lisa Brezinski and Pope the Barber

While Lisa and Pope have their own personal ventures, photography and hair dressing respectively, the creative couple also make content together too. Understanding the lack of support queer adolecents often recieve, the couple has cultivated a dedicated TikTok following with their inclusive shorts. Known for creating content that supports the LBGTQ+ community and the struggles adolescents have at home – the creative couple have become the parents millions of LBGTQ+ people wish they had.

Rog and Bee Walker

Another creative couple making a variety of work together is the duo behind PaperMonday. Rog and Bee Walker are based in New York City and their creative work spans from photography to creative direction to audio storytelling. Together they create captivating portraits for their clients while telling audio stories of those experiences through their channel on Spotify.

Dylan Ho and Jeni Afuso

This food-loving couple has been working together under their creative studio Dylan + Jeni for the last 15 years. They met through their mutual love for food and food photography when they both ran their own food blogs. Since then, the couple has started to create together capturing commercial and editorial photography with a focus in food, travel, interior design and lifestyle. 

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