5 Inspirational TED Talks You Need to Watch This Weekend

b542b1ddd2e40cfcf9db3430598bc37cebfec8c1_1600x1200Long summer weekends are great for lazily letting the hours slip away, but before you turn to Netflix to zone out, why not use some of your time to get inspired and start the second half of the year on the right foot?

Here are some of our favorite TED talks — the most inspirational, the smartest, and the ones that are the most likely to light a fire under you. Because even if you’ve fallen off the wagon with your brilliant New Year’s resolutions, it’s never too late to restart the year and change your life.

What do you strive for as a photographer? Erik Johansson tries to capture ideas, rather than images or moments in his surreal (yet realistic) photos.

Introversion is a popular subject, but what does it really mean to be an introvert? Susan Cain explains the many powers and talents of introverts — and how we can inspire and harness them.

Creativity is changing the world in real ways — including scientific ways, which use innovative design. Hugh Herr, head of the MIT Media Lab’s Biomechatronics group, has dedicated his career to bridging the gap between disability and ability with bionic limbs, which are robotic prosthetics inspired by nature’s own designs.

CreativeLive CEO Chase Jarvis has often talked about the way that traditional education stamps out creativity. Sir Ken Robinson agrees — and believes that it is possible to create an educational system that grows creativity, rather than undermines it.

Brene Brown was an inspirational, powerful force at cjLIVE — but have you actually seen her TED talk? If not, take some time to brush up on her research about vulnerability.

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