5 Podcasts That Will Instantly Make You More Creative

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Podcasts have become my favorite soundtrack for my walk to work, cooking meals, focused writing time — basically all points of my day. Here are the five podcasts I go back to over and over again for creative inspiration and captivating conversation.

Rendered (Formerly Destination DIY)

Julie Sabatier finds stories about getting creative, making meaning, and breaking rules. This podcast calls itself an ‘independent show from the public radio world carefully crafted for an audience of makers, doers, and curious minds’. If you like This American Life, you’ll love this show.
A good episode to start with: The PDX Carpet Love Story a really fun dive into the cult following of the PDX carpet.

What makes this podcast unique? This is a really well produced podcast with great editing, awesome sound quality, and unique stories. This is a good one to listen to while you’re cooking, crafting, or making stuff.

While She Naps

Abby Glassenberg is a textile artist, sewing teacher, and author. She has been running her blog, While She Naps, since 2005. She writes about sewing stuffed animals and running a creative business, her podcast is an excellent extension of her blog.
A good episode to start with: Episode #42: Gather Here and Fancy Tiger Crafts. Topic is on how to run a successful brick-and-mortar shop.

What makes her podcast unique? Abby has multiple guests on each show which makes for lively conversations. It’s a great way to hear different perspectives on the same topic.

What’s Your Story

You may remember Meighan O’Toole from the well-loved art and design blog she ran from 2007 – 2012, My Love for You. Meighan now consults small businesses as a digital and social media strategist.
A good episode to start with: Kim Werker’s episode will resonate with anyone who has a fear of failure and feels impostor syndrome. Also (shameless plug) I was a guest on Meighan’s show recently and I love the conversation we had. You can listen to my episode below!

What makes her podcast unique? Meighan was recently called the ‘Barbara Walters of podcasting’, her ability to dig deep with her guests results in some really compelling and emotional conversations.

Fresh Rag

I recently met Dave Conrey at the Craftcation conference and really appreciated the honest conversations we had right off the batt, skirting small talk is hard to do at a conference. No wonder he runs one of the greatest podcasts. Dave is an artist, author, and art director who specializes in media strategy for creative entrepreneurs.
A good episode to start with: Branding and Packaging Expertise with Katrina Luong, a great conversation about the importance of branding, how to capture your customers attention longer, and where to find the best pho in LA.
What makes his podcast unique? Dave has a great knack for pulling out bits of wisdom from his guests who are often experts in marketing and small business. This is a good one to listen to if you’re looking for inspiration and advice for your own business.

Thread Cult

Christine Cyr Clissetis is a journalist and sewing blogger who runs this fun podcast where she talks to master craft people in the home sewing, textile, and fashion communities.
A good episode to start with: #31, A DIY Life with Heather Ross, a great talk with Heather about her new book and how she finds the time to stay creative while producing so much.
What makes this podcast unique? This blog is for the fashion lover and sewer who wants to get an in-depth look into some masters in the field. But you don’t need to know a thing about sewing or fashion to enjoy these interviews.

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