5 Tips for Friday: Aperture, Salmon, and Asking for Help

As we officially move toward summer here at CreativeLive, we’re looking to kick back, relax, and learn some new skills. On our YouTube channel, this week, you can pick up a braised salmon recipe, pick up a cool workflow tip on what is Aperture, stop ambient light from ruining your photos, do one small thing that totally changes the sound of your studio recording, and even become more comfortable asking for help.

Here’s our week in review:


Lindsay Adler stopped by to teach us how to flatter our subjects, regardless of skin tone — which really boils down to getting great light. Is the light from the overheads or the window in your studio wrecking your portraits? Here’s how to find out and fix it.

The aperture camera setting can be a tricky beast, but Sara France has a way to cut down on your post-production time with handy presets.

Money & Life:

Dave Aspery, founder of the Bulletproof Executive, is all about optimizing your own body — which doesn’t mean you have to eat like a machine. Here’s his braised salmon recipe, which is as much about health as it is about flavor.

Music & Audio:

Little changes make a big difference. Here, Steve Evetts shows how the position of a microphone can change the sound of a guitar track. Check out his full class on guitar tracking like a pro here.

Craft & Maker:

Kari Chapin was hugely inspirational during her class this week — not only did she give pragmatic tips for starting a handmade business, but she was also full of advice to make small business owners spiritually stronger, too. Here, she tells the audience something that can be hard to hear, but necessary to do: Sometimes, you need to ask for help.

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