5 Tips for Friday: How to Get More Blog Subscribers & Start a Podcast

This week on CreativeLive’s YouTube channel, we focused on growing your business, whether it’s through blogging, email marketing, or even launching a podcast. Influencers like April Bowles Olin and Jon Jansch stopped by to teach us cool tricks, like how to get more subscribers to your blog, how to make a profit/loss analysis, and how to start a podcast. And it’s all free for your weekend viewing.


April Bowles Olin’s course, Build a Successful Creative Blog, was a huge hit — and she offered so much great information. First, she taught viewers how to get more subscribers to their blogs, through prettier, more explanatory opt-ins.

Then, she explained how to make blogging more fun.

Money & Life:

Want a cool new way to market your products, website, or basically anything else? John Jansch says start a podcast. But how do you do it? In this video, John explains the basics of editorial themes, content, format (which is really important) and even a little bit of technology.


Running a profitable photography studio is no easy task — but many photogs don’t even know if they ARE profitable. Will Crockett breaks down the ins and outs of profit/loss calculations — a basic that all self-employed photographers absolutely need to know.

Got a funky light source that’s throwing your image? In this video Kevin Kubota reveals a quick and easy trick for getting a shot with a nearby light source. Kevin shares his approach for getting the look he wants in the field and edits out a light source by layering to images and quickly auto-aligning and masking.

Want more from Kevin? Check out his whole course.

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