5 Tips for Friday: A Cool InDesign Trick, and How to Make it Big in Photography

felix kunze
Image via Felix Kunze

It’s been a short week for most of us, but over on our CreativeLive’s YouTube channel, we’ve packed in a lot of learning. This weekend, take some time to catch up on viewing with videos about everything from how to connect you camera to your smartphone to how to be smart about ordering at meals at restaurants. There’s a cool InDesign trick for designers, and a piece of inspiration from Felix Kunze and Sue Bryce about how to make it big as a photographer.


John Greengo explains how to connect your Olympus DSLR to your phone, which can make reviewing and sending images a breeze. If you’ve got an Olympus that you need help with, check out his course specifically on this camera.

“It came from that change in my mindset — that the ladder doesn’t exist. Anyone who tells you ‘you’ve got to work your way up really slowly…’ No. You’ve got to reach for the stars,” says Felix, who has made leaps and bounds in his short career by always aiming for success.

Money & Life:

Some salads are sneaky about added sugar and oils. Being aware of which kinds of restaurants you’re dining in can help you avoid unhealthy pitfalls. Get more healthy living tips from Darya’s class, Lose Weight Without Dieting.

Music & Audio:

The Summer Set talked to Finn McKenty about life on tour, and the advice they’d give themselves if they could go back in time.

Art & Design:

If you’re designing for the web, you need to know how to link text. This InDesign trick from Jason Hoppe shows you how open up a text container to fit additional text or link text between containers.

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