5 Tips for Friday: Studio vs Natural Light, Non-Traditional Scrapbooking

katie (1)Before we send you off for a long weekend, we wanted to make sure you had plenty of stuff to look at. Over on our CreativeLive’s YouTube channel, we’ve got videos from some of our favorite instructors, including highlights from the Sue Bryce and Felix Kunze studio vs natural light challenge, and a chat with a touring band who manages to be on the road for 300 days — and actually seem to enjoy it.

Here are your Friday YouTube tips:


What’s the difference between natural and strobe lighting? Sue and Felix demonstrate the difference — and show how similar the two can be with some smart editing and lighting.

John Greengo and Kenna Klosterman both went to Cuba, and then, on CreativeLive, compared the photographs and different perspective each of them took while traveling. And while they were on the same trip, the photos were dramatically different — because, as Kenna says, each photographer is different.

Speaking of John Greengo, he offered several fast start courses this week, including one to help you figure out your Panasonic GX7. Here’s his tip for setting up your QuickMenu in a custom, functional way that works for you.


Lain Ehmann isn’t a traditional scrapbooker — and that’s ok! Here, she explains her alternative approach to scrapbooking, which is less anchored on the photo, and less focused on the page-count.


Crown the Empire got real with Finn McKenty about what it’s really like to tour for the better part of a year — in fact, they were on tour for 300 days. Here’s how they managed not to kill each other, and, perhaps more importantly, how they make it as a successful touring band.

Money & Life:

Darya Rose wants you to shop fresh and local — which requires a little bit of savvy, when it comes to shopping at a farmer’s market. Bring cash, bring a bad, and follow the rest of her tips for a great trip to the market.

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