6 Quilters to Follow on Instagram

Quilting is an intensely visual medium, which is why it’s unusual that more quilters haven’t taken a shine to Instagram, a social media platform that’s entirely devoted to sharing images (and the occasional cat video). But there are some quilting bloggers who have adopted Instagram as a way to show off their most recent projects (among other things) — and if you’re into beautiful images of colorful material in fun geometric shapes, you should probably go ahead and follow all of these accounts.

Red Pepper Quilts: Do you love fat quarters? Then you will love Rita Hodge, of Melbourne, who regularly shares her stacks of fabric. She’s been blogging since 2009 and is also really inspirational, because she always shares both her process and her finished projects.

Hey Porkchop: No one said you needed to pick one favorite craft — and Hey Porkchop’s Amanda Jennings certainly hasn’t. A quilter, a knitter, and a purveyor of all kinds of other cool crafts, Amanda’s Instagram is awash with yard, material…and snacks!

Happy Zombie: Quilting may seem like a craft for school marms, but we all know that’s far from the truth. Monica Soloria-Snow is doing her best to shirk that image with her fun, youthful craft ideas and patterns — just check out her lock screen, which includes a Nick Offerman pixilated quilt that we want to own right this minute.

During Quiet Time: A scout mom and artist, Amy Friend’s Instagram feed is full of her various projects — everything from cakes to quilts and then basically anything else a crafty mom might be charged with making — and often come with instructions over on her blog of the same name.

SewMamaSew: Kristin Link is the kind of blogger where you read her posts and think “do you think she’d like to be best friends? I’d like to be best friends with her.” Her Instagram is no different — a perfect blend of awesome patterns and ideas, as well as pictures from conferences and her life. No wonder she has such a huge following online!

Diary of a Quilter: Amy Smart makes quilting look easy and oh-so-fun. She’s a staple of the quilting blog world, and her Instagram is full of super-cute ideas and patterns. Get on it.

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