7 Must-Have Supplies for Mixed Media Art Projects

Learn about the supplies you need to create this mixed media art piece on the CreativeLive blog.

Mixed media art projects are a delight to create and a treasure to enjoy. To help you get started on your next project, we assembled a mixed media supplies list.

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7 Must-Have Supplies for Mixed Media Projects

1. Vintage books, papers, etc…  I love using vintage papers to create my base because they add character to the piece in a way that nothing else can. You can find great vintage paper on Etsy. And if you don’t feel comfortable cutting up old books you can also make copies of the pages you love for your art projects.

2. Decoupage. I have tried several different types of decoupage to create my base layer with, but this dries the fastest and is the least tacky of the types I have tried.  It holds up well to all of the other elements I put it through. A good decoupage is key when creating a base using papers.

Learn about the supplies you need to create this mixed media art piece on the CreativeLive blog.

3. Scissors. I use scissors for so much when I am creating that having a good, non-stick pair that cuts well and holds up to everything I put them through is crucial! In my mind, as an artist, you can never have too many pairs of scissors!

4. Acrylic Paint. I am a huge fan of using acrylic paints. They hold up well to water and other media, layer beautifully, and dry quickly. The colors are vibrant, but also mix well together to create new colors, too.

5. BasswoodWhen I do mixed media it is either on canvas or on wood. These wood blanks are solid and wonderful to work with and create a beautiful base for a great end project. I just love the rustic look that they give and the flat surface is perfect for creating on.

6. Gelatos. I consider these my go-to coloring tools. I use them in mixed media, to color in my doodles, and to create backgrounds with. They work fabulous on all different types of surfaces and the colors are vibrant and true.

7. Gessos. Gesso is the base and the prep for the surface. I use white gesso to create texture and an opaque surface on pieces that start with decorative papers. Clear gesso is perfect to seal in parts of the project when you want to draw or doodle over the top.

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