7 Wedding DIYs That Look Hard But Are Actually Super Easy

wedding diys that are easy

You know those crafty people who just seem to be able to make anything by hand? It’s ok if you’re not one of those people. Also, and this is perhaps the more important part, a lot of people you think are those people actually are not — they just have the right guidance and the right kinds of craft ideas.

Whether you’re planning a wedding or yourself getting married, a celebration of nuptials is a great opportunity to try your hand at a few cool crafts that look complicated but are actually very simple. Using supplies that are basically household staples, the DIY mavens in these YouTube tutorials make being one of “those people” look really easy — because it is!

Here are just a few wedding DIYs to try out this season. For more great tips, check out the tutorials for wedding photographers page.

No-envelope “lace” invitations

A vintage-inspired wedding calls for vintage-inspired invitations, and these — which are made out of inexpensive doilies — are just the trick. The materials are easy to find, and you can customize the heck out of the finished product.

Wedding programs that double as fans

Got a summer wedding planned? Your family is going to need a way to move some air around. Keep them looped on the plans of the day with these programs that double as fans (because really, everyone uses their programs as fans, anyway!), which have some super-cute details, like the scalloped corners, but are still very simple to put together.

Ultra-trendy branch-and-orchid centerpiece

Branches: So hot right now. But a lot of the tutorials for these kinds of centerpieces are super-messy and complicated. This one is really simple, and looks extremely elegant and on-trend.

Tissue paper flower wall

Whether you’re creating a DIY photo booth or you’re just looking to glam up the plain white walls of your reception hall, this easy effect makes for a great place to pose for photos.

Washi tape wedding favors

Washi tape comes in literally every color you can come up with, which means it’s really easy to customize small items to turn into favors. Consider small boxes of treasures, scented candles that are in your wedding colors, or other treats you might be able to make yourself. Add washi tape and boom! It’s suddenly a memorable present.

Yarn globes

Forget Mason jar lights — this is the year of chandeliers and big, round lights, like these decorative balls that make beautiful lamps. And though they look complicated, they couldn’t be further from it. Use everyday yarn, glue, and the kinds of balls that you can pick up at the drugstore (especially around this time of your), and that’s all you need.

Wedding bunting

Burlap and lace might be a little out of fashion now, but a string of bunting is very timeless. Opt for thrifted material (like gingham or even pretty solids) and then, if you’re really feeling fun, stencil your initials or other lettering onto the flags.

Bridesmaids or bridal bouquets

Here’s a fun thing about bouquets: They’re really easy to make! Try your hand at an elegant bunch of flowers, wind them up with silk ribbon, and you’re good to walk down the aisle.

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