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The Fader, Ep. 10: Ulrich Wild

There used to be a career path for young engineers that started with being a runner in the studio and provided the opportunity for those willing to work hard and learn to prove themselves and eventually get a shot at sitting behind the board for…

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The Fader, Ep. 9: Aaron Marsh of Copeland

Welcome to the ninth episode of the Fader podcast, a production of CreativeLive’s Music and Audio Channel. On this podcast, I have the opportunity to sit down with producers, engineers, bands, players, songwriters or pretty much anyone who is doing something cool in the studio…

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The Fader, Ep. 8: The Blair Brothers Talk Film Scoring

Ever since I started making records, I’ve wanted to get into film scoring. Beyond a traditional orchestral score, using the studio as a way to create music that moves a storyline along is a complicated and challenging endeavor requiring technical skill, creative intuition, and a tremendous amount of…

adam jackson Christina Perri engineer
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The Fader, Ep. 6: Engineer Adam Jackson

Last spring I had the opportunity to work with Adam Jackson, FOH engineer for Christina Perri on a live recording in Seattle at the Neptune Theater. Having worked in a lot of venues and with a number of different crews, you never quite know what…

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The Fader Ep, 4: Kris Orlowski

This week we talked with Seattle singer-songwriter Kris Orlowski. Kris has accomplished in the last couple of years what many performers dream of – a solid following in their hometown, a great team in place for management, booking, publishing and distribution and a killer live show…

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The Fader, Ep 3: Jeremiah Scott from Demon Hunter

On this episode of The Fader podcast we interview guitarist and producer/engineer Jeremiah Scott who not only plays guitar in the Christian metalcore band Demon Hunter, but who also produced their seventh full length album, The Extremist. Jeremiah talks about what it takes to get…

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The Fader, Ep 2: Engineer Shane Bardiau

image credit Welcome to the Fader episode 2. Today, we’re showcasing an interview with FOH (front-of-house) and monitor engineer Shane Bardiau who has toured with Hunter Hunted, 21 Pilots, Phantogram, Seether, Hot Bodies in Motion, and many more. He is also a house engineer…