Adam J. Kurtz is a Pick-Me-Up (And So is His Latest Book)

It’s rare when a book captivates you, pulls you in.  This is that book, ‘Pick Me Up: a Pep Talk for Now and Later’. At first glance, it looks like another one of those daily creativity journals (which I love), but it’s so much more. It’s like someone had put into the pages of this book the same crazy monologue that goes on in my head. This book is smart, self-aware, and relatable.


In Adam’s words, “this new book, PICK ME UP, is the realization that life and feelings don’t always follow a linear path. Life can be a confusing mix of murky possibilities. You will change repeatedly. Anything can always happen.” Adam’s book is a ‘tool to write your own guide for your future self.”

I’m super pumped to announce that Adam will be at CreativeLive on Thursday, February 16th to give his lecture ‘TALKING ABOUT FEELINGS’ and you can watch for free HERE!

To wet your whistle, we’ve got these selected excerpts from the book you can download and fold into a mini-zine (watch the how-to video for instructions here). During the live stream talk Adam will be using some of these, and you can follow along.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 9.44.33 AM

Do yourself a favor, and buy Adam’s book. For realz.


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