Anne Geddes-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

It’s really no surprise that the woman who made a name for herself shooting photos of infants in adorable costumes has a line of costumes for the little one in your life. Ranging from cuddly koalas to beautiful bunnies, the Anne Geddes Halloween line is pretty adorable. But if you wanted to go a bit off-book this Halloween season, it’s not hard to find inspiration from Anne’s decades of work.

Depending on the age of your kids (or, let’s be honest — you!), you can get away with a lot of Anne Geddes-esque costumes and decorations this Halloween season. Here are just a handful of suggestions that might help get your imagination going.

No pumpkin? No problem. One of the best things about Anne is how resourceful she is. Pumpkins aren’t exactly native to every climate, so in a pinch, you can hollow out a completely different fruit or vegetable — like a watermelon. anne geddes halloween Small is ok. Though Anne often goes for elaborate costumes and sets, sometimes, you can keep it as simple as a tiny pair of wings. Make some out of paper or soft fabric and call it good. 

Go old school Anne Geddes: This photo, taken in 1991, remains one of Anne Geddes’ most well-known images. And if you break it down, it’s pretty much just a cabbage leaf on the head and an all-green outfit. But do be aware that with this look, you may run the risk of being mistaken for a character from the Canadian sketch comedy show, Kids in the Hall.   You could also go for this look and make a sunflower costume.

anne geddes

Bees. Fact: Nothing is cuter than a family of bees. Fact: Bee costumes are very easy to make and are very prevalent in the world (yellow onesie + stripes = bee). Fact: Bees are one of Anne’s most popular outfits for her models. Probably because of the first fact (see: Cuteness).

A swimsuit can be a costume. This little fishy is basically just wearing a swimsuit, which could be chilly in October — unless you live in a warm climate, in which case, using a one-piece as a basic layer for any and all fish/mermaid/seahorse/octopus costume is a pretty savvy choice.

Just go as Anne Geddes. Curly hair, chic glasses, a scarf on the head, a camera around your neck, and a baby doll in your arms — poof! You’re the legend herself. Don’t forget the Australian accent! And don’t forget to join Anne live in the studio on October 27 for her first-ever streaming shoot. You can RSVP and watch for free!

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