Apps We Love: PicsArt

Here at CreativeLive, we’re always looking for new and interesting Apps and technology. Lately a bunch of us have gotten really interested in easier mobile photo editing. We all know the likely suspects, but they’re all pretty similar. We want to find ways to share photos on the go that standout in a new and interesting way.

One App that we’ve started using and enjoying is called PicsArt. It’s a mobile App available for iOS and Android. It has a full-featured photo editor, collage maker that makes it easy to create and share your work. Plus, there is a built in community of creatives that is great.

Starting today we’d like to highlight some of our favorite examples of how PicsArt can be used. We reached out to our friends at PicsArt and they shared with us some examples of their favorites from the community.

This gorgeous photo from @hussameissa contains 32 photos into a beautiful collage.


We love this self portrait from @yoyoitsjess.


Again, @hussameissa did a really amazing job with this appropriately named piece, Stressed.


Go check it out for iOS and Android. We’d love to see what you guys come up with, use the hashtag #MadeWithPicsArt and tagging @PicsArt to show off your work!

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