Put an Arrow On It: 10 Free Hand Drawn Photo Overlays

Little arrows are one of those illustrations that never go out of style.

We can always use them to draw attention to text, show viewers what we want them to see, and to draw focus to the most important element of an image. Like we did here with this embroidery hoop art photo:

Arrow overlay on embroidery hoop art photo.

Standard straight arrows are easy to come across, but they are generally a little too 90’s era clip art to put into circulation on today’s stylish lifestyle blogs.

But well-designed arrows can be time consuming to hand draw and digitize…


Until now. From here on out, you don’t have to think about digitizing your arrows – you can just use one of these:

Straight arrows are easy to come across, but create a 90's clip art look. Use this arrow download as an overlay to add style (and direction) to your photos.

These stylish arrows have hand drawn appeal but can be used again and again just like a graphic.

Clip the arrow that you would like to use and overlay it on your graphic or image. Easy peasy.


To clip the PNG images to get the arrow you want is easy. You’ll use different processes depending on your editor. If you are using Photoshop, just use the lasso tool or magic wand to select the arrow you like, copy and paste it to a new layer. If you are using an online editor like Pic Monkey, you can choose the erase tool and erase all the arrows you’re not using. Then place your arrow overlay on top of the primary image and voila, you get a gorgeous illustrated image without much effort.

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