Fuji GFX 50S
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How To Piss Off A Photographer

Like many photographers who enjoy keeping up with relevant (and irrelevant news) on Photography, I often find myself frequenting the r/Photography subreddit on Reddit.com. The content varies from the odd tip or trick to the next big camera coming on the market but of course can…

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How to Make a Panoramic Portrait

Let’s get down to business (and defeat the huns) and learn a new skill. When people hear the word “panorama” people think of a very long photo that someone took while holding up their iPhone. While they’re not wrong, there’s more that can be done…

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Do You Know The Mystery Couple In Yosemite Valley?

Photographer Mike Karas witnessed and photographed an incredible moment in time. A bride and groom experiencing a jawdroppingly beautiful sunset on the edge of a cliff in Yosemite Valley. Only one problem, he has no idea who they are. A photo posted by Mike Karas (@mike.karas) on Sep…