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A Rockstar’s Guide to Teamwork

When we think of rockstars, we rarely think of  great “team players.” Who can blame us? Think of all the great bands — like The Beatles, Guns and Roses, Pantera, Oasis, The Replacements — who stalled or ended great careers due to internal band issues….

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Communication is the Key to Power Portraits

Last year, inside the walls of a government compound lined with sniper rifles, international portrait photographer Platon found himself in a place he’d never been before – 6 inches from Vladimir Putin’s face, feeling his breath like a gentle onshore breeze. You’d think that his…

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3 Simple and Powerful Body Language Tips

Powerful body language is a skill that transcends personal relationships. It’s the most underrated networking skill and plays a key role in business leadership, or should I say, effective business leadership. The problem is, like most skills worth learning, it takes time and practice to…