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Audio gifts under $100

If you want to spoil the producer in your life with an awesome gift without breaking the bank, here’s a great place to start. We’ve assembled this a collection of a few gems that all come in at less than a Benjamin.      …

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Best Gifts For the Mobile Photographer

Advancements in the mobile photography arena has made it pretty easy to ditch your DSLR in favor of your lightweight and slim smartphone. World famous photographer Ed Kashi agrees, which is why he taught a class on Storytelling With Mobile Photography. Ed Kashi, you guys….

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Gifts For the Designer Under $300

Shopping for loved ones is hard enough, but if they’re a designer? Well, they probably have some very particular tastes. But don’t worry — we did the hard work of finding the perfect gift by asking the designers at CreativeLive what they’d want to unwrap…

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Win Your Wishlist From CreativeLive

Have you ever seen a CreativeLive class and thought “I would love to watch that class” and then forgotten to bookmark it? It’s ok, it’s happened to everyone. When was the last time you updated your Wishlist on CreativeLive? Log on and update it now –…

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7 Thoughts On Being A Photographer

Photography can be a deeply lonesome medium for a multitude of reasons. First, because, unless you have a second shooter, you’re literally the only person around to capture what’s going on. And second because, as Anne Geddes has said, when you’re just discovering photography on…