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Danielle Evans Has a Serious Appetite for Lettering

Lettering designer Danielle Evans, aka Marmalade Bleue, turns edible objects into extraordinary 3D illustrious lettering designs. Ironically, the Columbus, Ohio native, almost pursued an education in culinary arts, but was drawn to illustration and design. Although, she admits, she had a rocky start. “I knew…

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Case Study: Designing a Logo for a Startup

Logos can be tricky beasts to design, especially for a start-up. You have to understand the client’s needs, their products and services, and the personality they want to project to their customers, and then figure out a way to graphically represent all of this in…

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10 Essential To-Dos For All Fashion Designers

Jay Calderin is an instructor at the School of Fashion Design in Boston, Founder and Executive Director of Boston Fashion Week, and the author of several books including The Fashion Design Reference & Specification Book, Fashion Design Essentials, and co-author of Fashion Design, Referenced, from…