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DSLR Camera Backpacks: Not Just For Kids

Remember when back-to-school meant shopping with your mom for a sweet new backpack? Those were the days. And, actually, those should still be the days, because camera backpacks are pretty cool and smart. The more popular messenger-style camera bags are great for when you’re swapping…

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8 Photographers Who Really Nail Blogging

Plenty of professional photographers have embraced the need for an active web presence, including use of social media, but many still seem hesitant to take part in blogging. Maybe it’s because they don’t think they’re “real” writers, or maybe it’s a time-crunch issue, but for…

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Want to Fix Your Life? Start Today

It’s not often that we tell people not to get a jump on whatever their creative passion is — and actually, we’re not really doing that now. But beginning tomorrow, career coach Beate Chelette will take you on a 21-day trip to fix your life…