vintage family photography
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#TBT: The Olden Days of Family Photography

Before Anne Geddes took the industry by storm, newborn photography just wasn’t very creative. In fact, it wasn’t much of anything at all. Aside from coming up with unusual/somewhat creepy methods of concealing the mothers in photos of their children, photographers didn’t really go the distance when…

how to shoot men in natural light
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3 Ways to Take Better Portraits of Men

If you’ve ever had a hard time figuring out the best way to photograph a man, don’t despair. “It’s really common,” explains portrait photographer and director Jeff Rojas, because “we don’t know what to do with them.” Posing, lighting, and even costuming men can present a…

engagement photo posing tips
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3 Posing Tips for Engagement Photos

Engagement photos offer slightly different challenges than the big day, and they’re much more intimate. However, they’re also far more relaxed than the photos you’ll be shooting on the actual day of the wedding. So how do you capture your couple at their best? Lifestyle…

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7 Easy Ways to Look Less Weird in Photos

Some people are just naturally, infuriatingly photogenic. Many of us, however, are not. Which, in a world where photography is a kind of literacy where we’re expected to have flattering user photos for just about every platform, occasion, or service, that can be a real…