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The Top 6 Design Moments Of 2016

2016 was an interesting year for sure – one dominated by politics and controversy. However, for design, we kept ourselves busy making the world just a little more beautiful whenever and wherever we could. Here are some of the top trends and moments we saw…

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Career Advice: How to Hustle

This is the keynote that I gave at the Hustle Summit to a group of recent grads and young professionals. It’s advice I still turn to daily. People you meet in your field become your colleagues, your employers, your employees. Don’t be afraid to network.  The first…

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The Top 7 Design Moments Of 2014

With the end of 2014 near, it’s time to reflect on what happened in design. We said goodbye to a design legend, and witnessed the legal battle of one of the top font foundries. Website trends aimed to delight, and minimalist design prevailed. The resurgence…

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Why Designing By Hand Still Matters

When I first started teaching graphic design, the classroom had no computers. It was a foundations course and students were required to make everything by hand. Often this involved cutting paper to create compositions, and using rubber cement to adhere it to matte board. There…