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Why Fitness Technology Is Taking Over The World

Technology is generally thought to be the antithesis of health and longevity — too much “screen-time” is frequently blamed for increasing obesity figures, and experts have taken to calling sitting “the new smoking.” But creative entrepreneurs, armed with science, are flipping the script — and…

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Must-Have News Apps for Android and iOS

Sitting down to read a traditional newspaper isn’t an activity that most future generations will experience. It’s enjoyable and relaxing, but fewer and fewer people are doing it. Why? Technology has changed the way we receive and consume information. Social media provides us with a…

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Productivity Web Apps for Book Marketing

Book marketing expert Tim Grahl uses an arsenal of web apps to help authors connect with readers and sell books. Authors are often overwhelmed by the thousands of social networking and sales tools available online. If you’re thinking about launching a new book or selling…