inventions made us more creative

6 Inventions That Made the World More Creative

Fortunately for those who are creatively inclined, the creative process doesn’t always depend on tools, instruments or art supplies. But they certainly help! You’ll be hard pressed to paint a landscape without, you know, paint; writing a novel would still involve paper and ink if…

tilt shift photo trends to retire

7 Photo Trends To Retire This Year

Remember planking? This viral photo trend was all over the place in 2011, but quickly reached its peak and burnt out in 2012, fading into social media legend in the process. Now, if you see someone planking, rather than finding it hilarious, you probably roll…

creativity git guide

10 Gifts That Inspire Creativity

Stressing about what to get your friends and family this holiday season? Well good news: you’ve got a few keys to unlock the the key to gift-giving success. Instead of filling stockings with candy (or, you know, lumps of coal), why not give your loved…

gifts for crafters
craft & maker

10 Gifts That Craft-Lovers Will Adore

It goes without saying that CreativeLive is home to tons of super talented crafting enthusiasts. We love watching community members put their creativity to good use –– especially when their creations are turned into profitable business ventures! If you have a craft-lover in your life,…