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10 Great Gifts for the Gadget-Obsessed

The holidays are almost upon us, which means it’s officially time to start rounding up great gifts for your loved ones. Buying friends and families presents that they’ll actually like (as opposed to some questionable homemade eggnog) can be a challenge — especially when there’s…

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How to Shoot the Perfect Night Sky Time-Lapse

Looking to learn the basics of time-lapse photography? Outdoor photographer Corey Rich is your new best friend –– especially when it comes to setting up a successful night sky time-lapse with your camera’s built-in interval-o-meter. Check out Corey’s tips regarding this popular genre of landscape…

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Quick Tip: Two Easy Ways To Flatter Skin In Photos

Flawless skin is essential in glamour and fashion photography, but even models with a clear complexion can look uneven in less-than-ideal lighting. The solution? Color management, a simple, yet sophisticated trick to getting radiant skin in your images. CreativeLive instructor and renowned photographer Lindsay Adler has…