how to get your music on the radio
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How to Get Your Music On the Radio

Despite the bad rap about diminishing influence, radio is still a huge listening and discovery source for a lot of people, and college radio is a great promotion option for indie musicians.College radio promotion objectives are not the same as strategies employed by major labels. While…

online tools for indie musicians
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16 Must-Have Online Tools for Indie Musicians

This article originally appeared on Sonicbids.  With technology and the many resources available online, independent bands and artists have a greater chance than ever for success. You must, however, make sure all of your bases are covered – from social media to email, online streaming to your store. Here, we’ll…

selling merch
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5 Real Reasons Why People Aren’t Buying Your Merch

This post originally appeared on Sonicbids.  Selling merch at shows is an awesome way to supplement your earnings from concerts and record sales. I’ve learned the hard way that it takes some thoughtfulness, hard work, and diligence to actually make the most of your merchandising…

things that make your band look bad
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Get it Together: 7 Things That Make Your Band Look Terrible

This post originally appeared on Sonicbids. Everyone seems to be in a band these days, right? Venue managers are bombarded with booking-related emails and phone calls every day, and record label execs are consistently buried under demos and press kits. So, how can you break through the static? Not only should you carry…

get press for your band
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Steal These PR Strategies to Get Press for Your Band

This post originally appeared on SonicBids.  When promoting a record, there are a couple of different philosophies about the most effective way to get your music heard. One, the carpet-bomb method, involves sending a press release, download, or digital stream to every contact in your press list…