Want to Be More Creative? Have More Fun

The Fisherman's Daughter

Have you ever looked at your own work and realized it’s all starting to look the same? Maybe the reason you aren’t happy with your work isn’t that you’ve lost your creative edge — maybe it’s just that you aren’t giving yourself enough space to play.

According to fashion photographer and CreativeLive instructor Miss Aniela, creativity can come when you’re crushed by a deadline — but it’s more likely to blossom when you’ve given yourself some time and the right conditions to really enjoy your work. And one of those conditions is time, plain and simple.

“Optimum creativity is best when you can kind of give yourself that time to wait for that unexplainable force of nature to intervene,” she explained during her course, Imaginative Fashion Photography.

Whether you’re doing work for a client or just practicing for your own portfolio, allowing yourself the time to experiment and try new things can help foster a more expressive outcome.

After all, it’s the love of the medium that got you into this line of work, right? Even when you’re doing commercial work, or work that you wouldn’t ordinarily choose, focusing on your own passion and allowing yourself the ability to find inspiration can help unlock that creative work you’ve been searching for.

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