Ben Von Wong Creates Dream Composites – Without Photoshop

courtesy of Ben Von Wong

What if I asked you to create a composite image without being able to use Photoshop or any post-production tools? I know — it sounds crazy — but Ben Von Wong just did it.

courtesy of Ben Von Wong
courtesy of Ben Von Wong

The award-winning photographer and creativeLIVE instructor has released some truly magical images just in time for the holiday season. With the help of  the extremely talented costume designer Yvan Castonguay and set stylist Charlotte Grantsome, Ben formed what he calls a “world within a world within a world” through the use of an elaborate outdoor studio — built out of a simple party tent, which was then dropped into three beautiful locations. Using a model dressed as a ballerina, Ben and his team were able to portray a mystical person entering three separate scenes, or “worlds.”

In order to make this happen, Ben and his team had to move the makeshift studio from location to location and completely redesign the set for each image. Charlotte made all of the props by hand while Yvan created the costumes on the spot in order to adhere to Ben’s vision. The results are astounding, illustrating, again, the strength of Ben’s imagination and the inventive ways he finds to execute it.

For a step-by-step breakdown of the project, including what gear he used and why, check out Ben’s blog post.

Source: Ben Von Wong, PetaPixel 

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