2021 Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Content Creators

When it comes to gift-giving, there are plenty of things to consider. You must ponder things such as favorite colors, their most treasured hobbies, and even their occupation. In particular, if a loved one has a job they love or a business they take pride in, purchasing a work-related gift can help them become more effective and successful.

Nowadays, we all probably have a few content creators on our gift lists. Not sure if you do? Before we dive into the best gifts for content creators – let’s explain “who” they are.

Who are Content Creators?

Simply put, a content creator is someone who creates content. This content may be comedic, inspirational, informational, or something else entirely. Typically, this content is posted on social media, websites, blogs, or anywhere people meet to exchange information. Since this is a relatively new job title, many people have content creators in their lives without realizing it. 

Although it may seem to be some fly-by-night profession, experts assert that content creators are the future of the working world. Given that the creator economy now has an estimated worth of over $100 billion, the content creator sector is wildly flourishing with no signs of slowing down. So, no matter if you just realized your favorite cousin is a content creator, or you need a gift for your influencer best friend, this list is for you.

Green Screens

One unique gift for a content creator is a green screen. Green screens allow content creators to change or improve their background with just one computer click. It also makes it possible to post various images and make video/live streams more aesthetically pleasing and interactive. So, if you have a content creator in your life who enjoys making videos, this is a great gift idea. 

Camera or Webcam

Although, they probably already use their phone to create content – a streaming camera can be a great gift option. If you have a content creator on your list who may need to upgrade or replace their equipment there are a variety of options at all price points.

External Hard Drive

External hard drives are a super helpful gift for every type of content creator. This is because external hard drives make it possible to store and save documents, videos, images, etc., without overloading their computer, tablet or camera. In addition, they are portable, easy to use and eliminate the constant fear of running out of storage space while on a shoot.  

A Microphone

No matter if they create videos with visuals or audio-only content, a quality microphone set-up will make all the difference. Many new vloggers may be using a phone, tablet, or computer to make videos. While it is possible to get decent audio using these devices, a new microphone can instantly and drastically boost audio quality. 

Smart Life Strip

Smart life strips can be a fantastic accent to any photographer or videographer. These can allow them to change your lighting throughout the broadcast. This lighting can change colors, flicker, and much more. So, if the content creator in your life is looking for ways to add some pizazz to their pictures and videos, this is an excellent choice. 

A CreativeLive Subscription

Not sure if the creator on your list needs new gear? Skip the equipment and gift endless learning instead. We have over 2000+ courses available for content creators to learn the latest skills in photo and video, art and design and money and life.

Overall, buying a gift for your favorite content creators doesn’t have to be complicated. By taking the time to review this list, you are well on your way to finding the perfect gift.

Give the gift that keeps on giving… all year long. Give the content creator on your list a CreativeLive subscription so they can continue to learn and hone their skills.

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