Summer Of Learning: Explore CreativeLive’s Best Audio Classes Of 2015 (So Far)

We’re only halfway through the year here at CreativeLive, and already we’ve put some truly impressive classes on the books. We’re super proud of what a diverse lineup of awesome content we have, but know that it can be hard to keep up on what you might have missed.

To help you catch up on everything we’ve got — including a health mix of inspirational stuff and nitty-gritty how-tos — check out this list. It’s our best audio classes of 2015 (so far) and you’re going to want to get in on it.

best online music classes

Studio Pass w/ Joey Sturgis

Why it’s awesome: Joey’s recordings define this entire generation of metalcore, and this is your chance to find out exactly how he works his magic. It turns out that there isn’t really any magic, his process is just a collection of small details that add up to something great. He shows how he tracks and edits drums, vocals, guitars and bass, dialing in tones and a rough mix for each.


best online audio classes

Guitarist’s Tech Workshop w/ Kurt Bloch & Ben Verellen

Why it’s awesome: Having great gear is one thing, but taking care of it so it STAYS great is another. Kurt Bloch (Young Fresh Fellows, Fastbacks, Presidents of the United States Of America) shows you how to set up your guitar, and Ben Verellen of Verellen Amplifiers goes over the mysterious art of tube amplifier care and maintenance.

best drum classes online

Fundamentals of Drum Tuning & Recording w/ Kris Crummett

Why it’s awesome: A great drum sound is the foundation of any recording, but it’s also the most challenging part of the process from an engineering perspective. Kris Crummett (Issues, Sleeping With Sirens, Dance Gavin Dance) shows you every single piece of the process in painstaking detail, from drum selection to tuning to mic selection/placement and more. Your one-stop-shop for great drum sounds!

best ableton classes online

Mixing Electronic Music in Ableton Live

Why it’s awesome: If you’re wondering why your track isn’t hitting as hard as it should, the answer is probably your mix. A proper mix is the difference between good and great, and in this class Ableton Certified Trainer Isaac walks you through all the fundamentals of mixing in Live, from basic leveling and panning to strategies for compression, EQ, effects and a few special tips and tricks. Level up your mixes!


best online music classes

FL Studio Synthesis Master Class w/ SeamlessR

Why it’s awesome: We all use synths, but most of us (including me) kinda just click through presets because we don’t understand what’s happening under the hood. In this class, SeamlessR breaks down the concepts of all kinds of synthesis and shows you how to use them to unlock your synths and create the sounds you have in your head.

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