The Ultimate Un-Selfie: Blind Contour Self-portraits

Some people love selfies. They’re willing to risk their lives in pursuit of the perfect profile pic. Not everyone is a fan of these glamour shots, though. How about you?

Do you find gratuitous selfies off-putting, annoying, or in poor taste? Are you tired of seeing them in your feed? Maybe it’s time to fight fire with fire – maybe it’s time for an un-selfie.

This is basically a selfie like any other, except you’re going to draw this one. Oh, and you can’t look at the paper while you’re drawing. Oh yeah, and you can’t lift your pen/pencil from the paper. Sound good? Ready to see what your hands think your face looks like? Sit down in front of a mirror, put your pen or pencil to the paper, and start drawing.

This will probably be the most un-glamorous, un-flattering selfie you’ve ever taken, but it will be a beautiful picture of how your eyes and your hands communicate with each other. It’s a really great way to handicap yourself as an artist so that you can get to the core of how you see the world…or at least your own face.

We highly recommend flooding Instagram with your abstract, monstrous selfies like so many of our 28 to Make participants have:


A photo posted by Ryan Putnam (@ryanputnam) on

Day 10 of #28tomake a blind self-portrait. Apparently I look like a bald grumpy old man. Cool. #creativelive

A photo posted by Sarah Nee (@sarahnee) on

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder #5minutedoodle #creativelive #28tomake #day10 #blindcontour #drawing #me

A photo posted by Jessie Trumbo (@jessieartworks) on


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