The Easiest Way to Break Through Creative Blocks According to Brandon Stanton

No matter what your creative profession, chances are you’ll hit a creative block at some point. But according to Brandon Stanton, it might be easier to break through than you think.

We sat down with Brandon and Chase Jarvis ahead of Photo Week 2016 this morning, and he revealed his secret to avoiding creative blocks altogether: work.

Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York at Photo Week

“It’s all about routine and discipline. One of the things that Humans of New York reveals, is that it was very little ‘sitting around a table and planning’ — it was going out and photographing. All the creative decisions weren’t flashes of inspiration or tiny tinkering, it was just approaching strangers all day long. [Humans of New York] developed one little centimeter at a time from approaching people all day long. So I haven’t had a time to have a mental block; I’m always out there just doing the process and evolving the process.”

Long story short? Be too busy to get creatively blocked. Create a routine where the work gets done and you’ll never get blocked creatively.

Break through creative blocks by doing the work.

Tune in to Photo Week 2016 and see more from some of the top photographers in the industry. It’s free to watch live September 26-29!

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Kristy Ellington

Head of content marketing and social media at Creativelive.