Bring Spring Indoors with Floral Design Tips from Tobi Fairley

courtesy of Kiana Underwood

It’s official, Spring is here. Setting those clocks forward means more light and one more hour to get out and work in the garden to help those flowers bloom. But why limit flowers to the yard?

Floral arrangements are an easy way to add beautiful, natural color to your home. In a recent blog post, CreativeLive instructor and design consultant Tobi Farley outlined simple floral design tips for making your own centerpiece arrangements that will make your house blossom like never before. Here are a few of her key points:

1. Use whatever you have in your yard. If you don’t have enough, you can mix them in with a few store-bought stems for a fuller look.

2. Don’t feel like you have to “match” your flowers to your interiors. Fresh flowers are like original artwork – they don’t have to match, they are beautiful enough to stand alone.

3. Use flowers to transition colors from one room to the next in your home. They help your home flow.

4. For a cocktail party, feel free to consider tall and dramatic flowers, but for a more intimate setting keep the flowers low so you can have conversation across the cocktail or coffee table.

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