How to Build a YouTube Audience

As an avid YouTuber, I understand the ins-and-outs of how to make a YouTube channel pop. But before you can focus on that, it’s important to understand how to market yourself with a channel trailer. A channel trailer is the first impression a YouTube channel will make on its viewers, so it’s critical to make a catchy one.

There are five factors that a good channel trailer must include to grab attention and subscribers:

  1. Who you are: introduce yourself and give people your name or offer a brief bio.
  2. Why you’re a credible source: what makes you an expert on the topic?
  3. How will your viewers benefit from watching your videos: why should viewers stay tuned and subscribe?
  4. How often you post: if people don’t think you post often, they might not subscribe to your channel.
  5. A call-to-action to subscribe: where do you want to drive viewers for more information?

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Grow your YouTube channel with Sunny Lenarduzzi

It’s also important to keep the trailer under two minutes to make it more digestible and further engage your YouTube audience. In order to script your video and keep it within that time, here is a short, sample script that I recommend using:

Hi! I’m [introduce yourself]. Welcome to my YouTube channel. I’m an [entrepreneur, gamer, blogger, makeup expert, etc.] and on my channel I’ll be posting videos about [fashion, blogging, etc.] every [Tuesday, Wednesday, week, etc.] Be sure to subscribe for new content and comment below to introduce yourself.

Next, there’s a few things you’ll need to get the right footage for your channel trailer:

  1. Make sure to include yourself on camera so people can see who they are subscribing to. Include b-roll footage, or footage of the things that you’re talking about, to help illustrate your content. For example, if you are a beauty blogger, you could insert footage of a makeup tutorial.
  2. Use vlog style or action shots to draw people’s attention in and show that you’re a real human being they can connect with.
  3. Add some music to liven things up and lighten the mood! 

Grow your YouTube channel with Sunny Lenarduzzi. RSVP now.


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