5 Must-Read Career Tips To Inspire You This Week

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Get ready to jump start your week with some seriously motivational career advice! In an effort to make Mondays slightly more bearable (we know, it’s almost impossible), Creative Live is rounding up our favorite job tips from experts in every field –– be it art, design, fashion or business. Whether you’re embarking on a new career or happy in your current one, everyone needs the occasional kick-in-the-pants when it comes to getting motivated –– get inspired by the words of wisdom below so you’re ready to dive into your work week!

At the End of the Day, You Should Love Your Job

“Try to get a job that you really will enjoy, and if you find that you’re not enjoying it, it’s a good time to change.” –– Martha Stewart, domestic goddess, business woman, all-around inspiration.

Learn From Your Peers

“You should get a little smarter about human behavior as you move along. Take on the characteristics of the people you like.” –– Warren Buffett, business magnate.

Always Look Ahead

“When considering a job, consider whether or not you are willing to move for that company. Have that conversation before it becomes a hard conversation.” – Laura Maxwell, Frito-Lay North America Senior Leader.

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Learn From Your Failures

“We put just as much love and passion into every song as we did for ‘Let It Go.’ But for one reason or another, we had to see some of them hit the cutting room floor. It was an important lesson in resilience and persistence. If you let every time a song falls on the ground take a huge hit on your soul and your energy, then you can’t sustain trying to do this for very long. You’ve gotta get up, brush yourself off, and go back to it. We were just working to tell a good, honest, and true story and not have it stink. We had no idea what a success it would be.” –– Kristen Anderson-Lopez, musical co-writer of Frozen.

Market Yourself

“One idea that resonated with me and inspired a big turning point in my own business and personal growth was to think of pieces of my own identity as capital — meaning that it’s just as valuable as money. It’s very important to understand who you are and what makes you marketable. Anything you can do to more clearly define your tastes, your talent, your skills, are huge investments in yourself and your business.” –– Jamie Leigh Moore, set designer and prop stylist.


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